Zoom Post Sunless Hydration Spray

Post Sunless Hydration Spray

Indulge your clients in pure luxury! This post sunless hydration is amazing for all of your clients and especially those with dry skin. They will be coming back for more.! Once you have sprayed your clients with your favorite Unfiltered spray tan solution go over them lightly with this product and they will get immediate results. No more dryness from DHA. Soft and silky skin is not the only benefit you will receive. There is also a low percentage of DHA that will deepen the tan. A deeper tan with no brassy results. These results do not wash away in the shower. The soft feeling will last up to four days and some clients have reported feeling softer even longer. This product is especially great for your clients with eczema or other skin conditions due to medications. Staying soft and hydrated means a longer lasting tan. Available in 32 ounce bottles.

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