Zoom Rapid Sample Pack

Rapid Sample Pack


Contains: Brown Butter, Artist’s Choice Infusion and Enter the Dark Side

These 5 star solutions are our best selling rapid rinse solutions. Brown Butter (green base), Artist’s Choice Infusion (green/violet base)  and Enter the Dark Side (violet base). All 14% DHA. We use only the finest DHA from Paris. #Unfiltered rapid rinse solutions (2 to 4 hr) can be left on overnight for a serious dark tan. That is not recommend for fair skin. Solutions will be fully developed in 24 hours. All solutions are made from natural ingredients when available, otherwise, we use pharmaceutical grade ingredients. These 3 solutions are some of the longest lasting spray tans in the industry. Moisturizing, anti-aging, natural shades to match your clients skin tone and probably the best fade you have ever seen!

There is a limit of 3 samples. Orders that contain more than 3 samples of solution will be refunded.

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